Clear up your skin with green tea

The same antioxidant and antibacterial properties of green tea that remove toxins from the body, have also been found to fight against acne.  Recent studies have shown that green tea is just as, if not more, effective than benzoyl peroxide in acne treatment.

For example, placing a warm green tea bag on acne lesions helps to reduce the redness and inflammation of outbreaks, as well as soothing any feelings of irritation or sensitivity.

Additionally, green tea is known to help correct hormonal imbalances that contribute to adult hormonal acne each and every month. lists some easy home remedies to clear up any pimples:

1.  Make a facial mask from green tea leaves to improve acne and give a tight youthful appearance to your skin

  • How to: Boil your green tea, let it cool and mix with the white of an egg. Wash your face and hold a warm wash rag on it.   Apply the mix to your face and keep it on until it dries and you can feel the tightening of your skin. Then wash it off with warm water and blot your face dry, do not rub.

2.  Use a Tea Bag

  • How to: Making your tea and gently dab the residual tea on the acne infected areas of the body. Once the liquid has dried, wash it off.

3.  Drink it for best results!

  • How to: If you choose to drink the tea, avoid having sugar with it as that will neutralize the beneficial effect of the green tea.  Also keep in mind to get the best results, the more you drink, the better.

4.  Apply green tea extract

  • How to: Mix green tea extract with cream or lotion and apply to skin.

This hot topic was recently covered in an article on  Read the article here: Using green tea as a natural remedy to fight acne


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