You tweeted what about green tea?

For some reason the acronym GTML: “Green Tea My Life” isn’t as catchy as FML…but some of the below tweets that mention green tea could be aggregated into a site of their own. Yeah – kinda jaw dropping, shoulder shuddering, or knee slapping.

Since i have an obsession with green tea, well I follow any tweets related to the topic on a daily basis. Then I got to thinking…why not share with you so of the ones that really stick out? Here’s a few of the random ones I saw today:

wow. well that’s, well that’s kind of depressing? eek.


cAN yoU sense the EXCITEEEemenT?!?!


desperation at…um…well at its healthiest 😉


so cravings. ummm. she’s definitely craving opposites.


gettin hood. this would sound so much better if it was signed off from another “gee” *hint: @gtea.


yes it’s true…the bieber’s got gtea fever.

Ha, even re-reading these made me smirk. Hope you enjoyed them a bit and maybe lightened your mood. I feel like there’s more great random green tea tweets to be discovered. This may need to become a regular posting theme – just sayin.


4 thoughts on “You tweeted what about green tea?

  1. I drank green tea to aid in my plight to lose weight, it is ok as long as it is served steaming hot, there is nothing worst than drinking it when it starts to go cold.

  2. Green tea is a fantastic aid for weight loss, I do however, think that green tea alone does not help with weight loss, it is all about change of diet and sheer determination through exercise and good food, green tea can if all of the latter is done aid with weight loss.

  3. The only problem with green tea is the taste, I don’t think there is anything nice about this drink and the sheer amount that you have to drink to lose weight is not worth it in the long run, you may as well take supplements.

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