Green Tea Confessions

Sometimes all you need is the company of a friend and some tea to get it all out – what’s heavy on your heart, what you need help with, and how you want to move forward.

My roommate and I just needed some girl time to confess what was going on in our lives. With busy schedules, we haven’t been able to catch up with one another lately. Has that ever happened to you? You live in the same household as someone, but between the work schedules, running errands, gym time, and sleep, it just seems like you just never see one another?

I hate that.

So we made a tea time out of it. This morning we drove over to d’lish coffee house on Scottsdale Rd, right before Thomas intersection.  Their pomegranete iced green tea is amazing! I highly recommend it to cool off in the summer and spark your metabolism for the day.

The side patio is a perfect place to pull up with a close friend, spill out your heart confessions, and leave refreshed for the day.